Do You Consider Natural Organic Fertilizer Business Is A Worldwide Lucrative Business ?

Published: 10th June 2010
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If you think that this bio-organic fertilizer business is an unprofitable business, we could say that you are incorrect and you may lose an opportunity to make a big fortune.

Why you should think bio-organic fertilizers as your big business ?

Firstly, food is the essential needs of beings and the food industry can never be a declining industry unless we do not eat food anymore. There is an unique situation that if the plants production areas are at volcano coverage areas and the soil is generally rich with natural nourishments, then the farmers may not require any fertilizers for their plants. Other than the volcano region, most of the agricultural producers require fertilizers to cultivate their plants. Therefore, organic fertilizers always have business opportunites.

Besides, the fundamental food industries are resistant to economy fluctuations because no matter how worst of the global economy, the people still need food to sustain. With such inelastic demand of food, the bio-organic fertilizers will yet in advantage.

The use or supply of chemical fertilizer is gradually controlled and restricted by the authorities of all countries and this will be a grand business opportunity for organic fertilizer.

Please note that the application of chemical fertilizer ruins the soil particles and this will result the soil becoming dense and unable to hold moisture and nutrients. Consequently, the soil will get harder and harder and this is inevitably a deterioration of soil quality. In other words, this would be an environmental issue. The green environmental protection and awareness nowadays is stronger and some of these groups of environmental advocators also support bio-organic fertilizer as a substitution of chemical fertilizer. With such movements, they indirectly help the agriculture industry to produce a grand marketplace for bio-organic fertilizer.

As I wrote in my past article, whatsoever chemical materials that absorbed by the crops, will inevitably transfer into the body of beings. Kindly note that the chemical materials are in fact toxin. With this fact, we are consuming toxin food indirectly daily, do you, including your family members, want to serve chemical food everyday ? Bio-organic fertilizer is healthy for plants as well as for the human. Do you wish to have great health for the rest of your lives ? However, I have to warn you that not all the organic fertilizers are effective and healthy. Thus, a wise choice of bio-organic fertilizer is extremely significant.

Generally, consumers have an impression that bio organic food is pricey and the consumers are reluctant to purchase bio organic food due to its price. Yes, I agree in certain viewpoint because the agricultural producers might have use costly and non-functioning organic fertilizers in their plantation and the cost of expensive fertilizer will inevitably be reflected in the price of food, that is, the extra cost of fertilizing will be transferred to the ultimate victims, the consumers. In fact, the farmers can actually have cheaper cost of production and the end users can enjoy healthy bio organic food with fair and/or cheaper prices, PROVIDED the farmers are able to select a good bio-organic fertilizer.

The above are about edible food. How about the non-eatable food, such as flowers, trees, grasses and others ? These are large marketplaces too ! With a appropriate choice of organic fertilizer, the cost of soil maintenance as said above will be lowered down and unavoidably allows the agricultural producers greater harvest and returns. Your target buying markets for the bio-organic fertilizers may include the home users, government departments such as town landscaping and agriculture departments, multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, private plantation corporations, agricultural or farmers association, online internet marketers and others.

Do you see the big business opportunities above ?

As a conclusion, never disregard this organic fertilizer business and we should seriously study this bio organic fertilizer industry.

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